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We will help to develop a single platform
for partners' services. With access through
mobile, desktop devices and web interface.
We will help to develop a single platform for partners' services. With access through mobile, desktop devices and web interface.
Aggregator is a system that combines the services of different companies under one theme or several similar ones. For example, products, but not yours, or your suppliers, but many different companies. You combine them on only one site or application. For example, Yandex Market or AliExpress. (in online retail it is also called Marketplace). The other option is cab drivers and cab companies. Having united many companies in one mobile application, we get the aggregator again. We save on most of the costs of a particular business, due to which we increase the flow of goods. All that is required is to provide your partners with clients due to automation systems and proper marketing and you can earn on commissions.

There are many varieties of aggregators. And their areas of application are almost unlimited by anything but imagination. That is why such a simple concept requires a careful approach. And it is important to work out the following components correctly:

1. The digital ecosystem of an aggregator is the heart of this business model. It is responsible for communication with users, partners and administrators. Usually with the help of a mobile application. On the other hand, it has a complex server part that is not easy to store and transfer data. This system must process the automatic distribution of data. Orders, support requests, new partners and other necessary for the specific business model. Without it, the aggregator can not function in principle.

Processing can be performed both in the traditional way and with the introduction of neural networks. The latter is most effective, as it provides unlimited scalability and more complex data processing parameters.

2. Marketing and analytics. This part is both a business process and a technology. Since any aggregator needs continuous traffic (client flow), this task is also automated and works in a different way than in traditional business models. Everything is combined into a single marketing system consisting of: multiple advertising sources, systems of automatic configuration and control of online advertising, a system of internal analytics (obtaining and analyzing your own data on users within the server part and the aggregator), an interface for reporting the work of the marketing department, and a management system that combines all these activities.

The function of this complex is not just to bring customers, but to do it in a continuous mode and on an industrial scale. At the same time, customers interested in the service will interact with the service in automatic mode. Without operator intervention.

This is a simplified model. As there can be many types of aggregators. They can combine not only partners and customers, but also types of information from different sources (such as social media aggregator, review, news aggregator), geocontent and other data.

  • Mobile application. The service is provided to customers at the level of mobile application. In this case there are additional mobile applications for partners and performers. Often the web-interface is also used, through which the system is managed by the employees of the aggregator company.
  • Online service with web interface. Services are provided through the site. Customers, partners and managers can go into a personal cabinet and at this point the roles are separated. Each type of user sees a different set of functions. Using the web interface allows you to achieve universality (runs on any platform Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Linux/Unix and others, where there is a full browser and Internet access), but may lead to some limitations. For example, the lack of push notifications on mobile devices, caching and offline mode (which can be easily implemented at the level of mobile and desktop applications).
  • Heterogeneous aggregator. Such system uses different approaches simultaneously. Mobile application, web interface, desktop and other applications. May be associated with hardware interfaces. All such applications and services will be connected to a single ecosystem. I provide the right functionality to each type of user on all connected devices

  • Create a concept. For early stage projects and startups, we will develop a development plan and technological model based on your idea.
  • Carry out digital transformation. For companies that want to transform the existing business model into an aggregator concept. Keeping the experience and developments.
  • Create a project of the future system. We will develop prototypes, documentation, a road map (development plan) and other materials necessary to start the development.
  • Help to develop the aggregator. Including software implementation of mobile applications, web interfaces, control systems, server part. We will integrate external services.
  • Support and maintenance. It is possible to provide support on a permanent basis, not only for the software side (technical support), but also for related resources (landing, promo-sites) and content support (copywriting, content design and other).
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