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Audit and analytics
Analysis of your existing software solution. Create an optimization and fix plan for detected problems. Includes technical audit, usability audit and consulting.
Audit and analytics
Analysis of your existing software solution. Create an optimization and fix plan for detected problems. Includes technical audit, usability audit and consulting.
The effectiveness of a particular software solution always lies in the attention to detail. And it is important to understand that not only programming and other technical solutions affect the situation. Design, text, indirect interaction with social networks and other resources can disrupt the system. And sometimes such unobvious factors as domain name, convenience for employees or hidden associations in the content prove to be the key problem.

Keeping this in mind, we use only a comprehensive approach to analysis and audit. We check many parameters at once, including rare and unobvious ones. We perform analysis in several areas: programming, technical component, design, copywriting, marketing and sales, structural analysis.

1. Need to improve indicators
Situations where you want to achieve more. Optimize your work. Achieve new goals in business processes with your digital product.

2. Need to identify the problem
When it is not possible to achieve the desired result, you need to find a reason and propose a solution. And also if the problem is in front of your eyes, but you do not know how to solve it, or the traditional method of correction did not produce results.

3. For preventive purposes
Even if everything looks good at first sight, it is always useful to check if it is. Small malfunctions may not be immediately visible. And in the case of mobile applications and sites at all, you and your employees may not see the problem, and many users have already faced it, but no one has written to support.

Also preventive analysis is useful to check the system and resources for possible improvements. Maybe you can already get more, you just need to understand how.

Allows you to check your site or other online resource. Provide solutions for detected problems. Improve sales performance, behavioral factors, search engine display and others. The service includes:

  • Usability audit — including navigation analysis, menus, interface intuitiveness, overall site structure, design quality and brand identity.
  • Marketing and sales — we will conduct a study of the target audience, SEO-audit, content analysis (text and graphics) in terms of sales and user perception, the quality of the order processing mechanics. The analysis will reveal the points of conversion growth, take into account behavioral patterns of your target audience.
  • Technical Audit — analysis of site code, quality of layout (Front-end, including displaying on mobile and other devices), server part, management system audit (CMS), site loading speed. Check external integrations, offer opportunities to introduce new digital tools to increase efficiency.

Check the value of the application (as a product) to the user and the quality of implementation of the technical part. Understand the weaknesses of the interface, code, server part. Perform analysis for compliance with platform standards (guidelines) and minimize publishing risks. Check the performance and availability of critical analytical tools. The service includes:

  • Product Analysis — allows you to evaluate the overall attractiveness of a mobile application for users. Develop improved mechanics to attract to the product, service, brand, due to your mobile application.
  • Interface audit — includes analysis of navigation, intuitiveness of the interface, general structure, quality of design. Help in optimizing the mobile interface to the corporate identity of the company. Given the specifics of mobile platforms iOS and Android.
  • Collection and analysis of opinions — receiving feedback from application users from application stores (published version), identifying inconsistencies in the functionality of the target audience. Ability to test on the target group, collect and analyze feedback from other sources.
  • Technical Audit — check the performance of the mobile application for iOS, Android, the server part, other integrated systems. Identification of problems and recommendations for fixes.
  • Built-in advertising audit — analyze the placement of advertising within the application, identify errors that repel the user and lead to removal. Providing recommendations and an optimization plan.
  • Built-in purchase audit — check the mechanics of built-in purchases. Consultations on possibilities of work of tools of platforms iOS and Android, and also possibilities of introduction of external payment.
  • Analysis of marketing instruments — check the current analytics systems and their correct configuration. Recommendations for implementing additional tools.

Checking of your software system for compliance with business objectives, expectations of the target audience, industry standards. This allows not only to optimize the technical part, but also to gain confidence in the correct interaction of all system elements. Be confident in the right direction of complex software product development. Includes:

  • Complex analysis — check the interaction of all elements of the ecosystem among themselves, their impact on the final work of the entire system. It is considered simultaneously from the technical part, from the target audience, from the employees who use the system, in terms of business processes and marketing goals.
  • Audit of interaction points — check of individual applications or web-interfaces for their correct operation (for example, mobile application, website, management system, etc.). Both from the technical point of view and from the user side (usability audit).
  • Technical analysis — allows identifying problems at the software level (server code, applications, sites and other services involved).
  • Development plan and consultation — includes the creation of a road map for the system upgrade, with a step-by-step update of all aspects of the system. Consultations on implementation of new technologies and optimization of current systems.

Analysis of device user interface (interactive kiosk, table, devices for smart home and others), software system and other systems. The service includes:

  • Graphical interface audit (UI/UX) — usability audit, external attractiveness analysis, checking user scenarios, system structure and logic at the interface level.
  • Analysis of another interface — for devices and systems interacting with the user through voice input, motion capture, mimics and other non-graphical methods (NoUI/ZeroUI). Analysis of intuitiveness and convenience, user logic and other aspects.
  • Technical audit — check the software part of the interface, including response time during interaction, correctness of writing code for the interface.

If you have just started to develop your own project and you need to check the correctness of the chosen direction of future work, we will help to identify inconsistencies on the part of user logic, future integration. We will consult you on the choice of optimal software solutions.

  • Prototype audit — check the already created prototype for matches of user logic and future technical part.
  • Design Analysis (UI/UX) — usability audit, compliance with corporate identity, prototype, site standards (in the case of mobile applications), identifying weaknesses in navigation and visual communications.
  • Technical consultations — we will help you choose the right software tools for your project.
  • Target audience analysis — helps to identify inconsistencies in the prototype, design and other materials of the target audience of your project. This will reduce the number of iterations and corrections in the future, when implementing your software product.
Audit and Analytics
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