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What materials do you need to start a project?

It is very individual and depends on the specific project and query. But to summarize, the following key materials are required:

Information materials - they will be used as the basis for the whole future project. Its success depends on their correct analysis. (we collect materials in free form; if some information is not available, we conduct an audit), includes:
  • Information about your company
  • General description of your project
  • Information about the project's target audience
  • Information about technological backround and required integrations
  • Other specific introductions to the project and your business
  • Terms of Reference, documentation, prototype - these materials and some additional documents (e.g. Road Map) are needed to create a future development plan.

Graphic materials - corporate identity and brandbook, photo archive, other images related to the project or company.

Access to the company's digital resources that need to be integrated into the project (e.g., login and password from the hosting if it is a server part or a website, access to the AppStore account if it is a mobile application for iPhone, API if we will do the integration with your digital infrastructure and so on).

Although the list looks impressive, there's no need to worry. We will always instruct you on what to provide in each case. We will request the materials step by step so that you don't have to spend too much time selecting them. If something is missing, you can't answer some question - it's not a problem either. We will help you to develop such materials, conduct an audit, answer all the questions that you do not have the answers to.

So we can not only create comfort for you, but also can guarantee high quality of the future digital product.