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Comprehensive approach - why is it impossible to create an effective IT solution to order without a designer and a marketer?

The need for IT infrastructure and various digital products for business has long been a standard. It is impossible to do business effectively without such tools. This is true both for small companies and for players in the corporate sector. However, focusing on the digital component, more and more mistakes are made in the approach, which may cost wasted money, even if formally everything is done correctly.

With technology in mind, it is possible to forget about everything else. The dilemma of the modern world is that everyone needs technology, but it is meaningless in itself. Why did it happen so? Let us give you an example.

For example, you need to create a mobile application for doctors. On the one hand, it has an interface for the client of the clinic. On the other hand, it is for the doctor who will interact with the client (including telemedicine services). A very high quality application is being developed in terms of code (programming). It contains the latest modern techniques, tools, modules. Artificial intelligence manages the server part and speeds up the processes. Other digital capabilities also make this application a high quality and even in many ways a complex of the future.

But the process did not pay due attention to other aspects of development. The design (both appearance and user scenarios) has not been developed for the target audience. It is made in the general modern trends, and looks like any other smartphone application. However, it is not convenient for both doctors and patients, when they try to use the application. Omitted important sections of the application. Information, partitions that are necessary to draw attention to the key features of the system. Visual communications have also not been worked through. The appearance of the application is no different from others, which affects rather negatively. The user does not have a desire to return to the application, and the icon on the home screen of the smartphone is lost among others and the application is quickly forgotten. The specifics of the medical field are also not taken into account. Yes, the application for the doctor has all the functions, which could facilitate the work of doctors. However, from the point of view of the interface, it is presented in such a way that it is the doctor, with his psychology and professional habits it is inconvenient to use them. It is easier to do as before, without the application. Many other factors that are not directly related to technology are also missed or not disclosed.

Result - the application is used little, many deletions, although the audience has a request for it. Moreover, a brilliant technical component not only has not increased the conversion, users do not know about it at all, in their eyes is another "pass through application with unclear benefits", rather than a high-tech product, which is actually the application.

This is only one example, and by the way it is taken from life, although impersonal. Unfortunately, there are many such examples in other areas. And all of them can be combined with a single phrase - "the project was done only by programmers". This is, of course, conditional. But it is true that developers are often approached for technologies. But a successful product requires a large team, which includes specialists from other fields as well. And they are critically important for success. On some technologies, alas, it is impossible to create a strong product.

Our company always applies only a comprehensive approach to development. Not only a team of programmers, but also a professional designer and marketer will work on any project. And our partners from an advertising agency will always consult you on promotion and advertising of your project after its publication.