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Internship questions

What does an intern get?

The trainee will be trained on live projects under the supervision of a mentor. In addition, there is always a safety specialist for such projects who will not allow to disrupt the project. If the trainee fails, the experienced specialist will be able to pick him up and adjust the work.

The work is done on small, simple tasks that, if successful, will become more complicated. The mentor will explain the key points, point out errors, and correct the trainee's vector.

The process itself is remote. There are also sets in the office, but less often. Most of the work on projects is done on-line. And it is not by chance. We prepare specialists who can work freely in the modern world. And in it, the skill of remote work is mandatory, along with the skill of working in the office. Therefore, you can take an internship from any city or country. The only condition is to be in touch at an agreed time. And of course to have a stable Internet.

This approach allows you to develop more quickly. And also in case of success, smoothly transfer the trainee to more independent tasks and then to projects.

This is important because other training methods have one disadvantage. After the course, young professionals need extra time to "roll" the knowledge they have acquired in practice. All the more so because in life it often happens quite differently than in theory.

Successful trainees may receive an offer from the company to work further as a full-time specialist.