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I do not want to specify my phone number. You'll call me like all HRs in a couple of months, when I got a job long ago! Can I apply without a phone?

Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment. But the policy on work with applicants is constantly being improved. Maybe in the future everything will change and you won't need a phone. We are constantly evolving in this area as well, responding to the latest trends in IT industry and HR.

However, at the moment, the phone is mandatory to apply for a job. This is due to the fact that without the phone it is difficult to identify an individual. There may be situations when it will be impossible to contact by other means. Alas, but digital technology has a reverse side, and messengers may be very unreliable. Neither is e-mail. A phone in this situation is still the most reliable backup connection. Especially in the case of a non-standard situation.

It is important to understand that we never call just or without warning. Including understanding the incorrect methods of some specialists and agencies in the recruitment field. So you can be calm. We always follow the following rules:

  1. Before making a phone call, you must first communicate with us by e-mail or in the messenger (chat). There will be no unexpected calls.
  2. If you are not suitable for the current vacancy, but after a long time opened suitable for you - employees will first contact you by e-mail or in the messenger (chat). And if you answer positively, they will agree on further communications, including telephone calls.

We respect the privacy of both our clients and the professionals we work with. Because the future consists not only of technologies that will make it easier, but also of ethics and the right relationships - without which it will not be "bright".