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Technical questions

What do you do websites on?

We use a whole set of different web technologies depending on the type of site and needs of a particular client. This allows us not to use one template solution for all clients, but to choose the best one for your business.

Below are some of the technologies available for development:

  • Html-processors for web development - Gulp, Grunt, Jade
  • CSS-processors for web development - Stylus, Less, Sass
  • React - use this tool for web development and creation of various applications.
  • Web technologies - in the process of web development HTML5 technologies (W3C standards support), CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Ajax, SSL are used.
  • Incase of web development it is also possible to develop on the basis of Tilda Publishing platform with subsequent integration with existing or "self-written" solutions (Tilda as front-end for your own back-end). It is a good solution for startups and situations where an important development speed or MVP creation is needed, but it is less appropriate for complex and highly loaded web development.
  • "Box" solutions, including Adobe Experience Manager, Magento, Wordpress, Drupal and others.
  • Other languages, frameworks, technologies - when creating software solutions it is also possible to integrate: C++, C#, TypeScript, Python, Ruby, and others.