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Technical questions

Programming languages and software solutions

Below are some programming languages used to develop products for our customers. The list is constantly updated. If you have not found the one you need, you can specify the possibility of such development by leaving a request.

  • Swift, Objective-C, WatchKIT - development of "native" applications for MacOS, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch.
  • Java, Kotlin - development of "native" applications for Android devices.
  • React - use this tool for web development and creation of various applications.
  • Smart TV - development of "native" applications with support of technologies Samsung SMART TV, LG SMART TV, Apple TV (tvOS), Philips (CE-HTML), Android TV. 
  • CSS-processors for web development - Stylus, Less, Sass
  • Html-processors for web development - Gulp, Grunt, Jade
  • Web technologies - in the process of web development HTML5 technologies (W3C standards support), CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Ajax, SSL are used. It is also possible to develop on the basis of Tilda Publishing platform with subsequent integration with existing or "self-written" solutions.
  • Unity 3D - development of cross-platform games and applications for iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Linux, Steam OS and Steam VR,  PlayStation and PlayStation VR, Xbox, Nintendo 3DS, Oculus Rift,  Gear VR, Daydream, Android TV, Samsung SMART TV, tvOS, Nintendo Switch, Fire OS, Facebook Gameroom, Apple ARKit, ARCore.
  • Other languages, frameworks, technologies - when creating software solutions we also use: C++, C#, TypeScript, Python, Ruby, Go, Qt, Rust.