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How we work. Stages of project creation to order.

Each project is individual. We take into account all requirements of both the client and the business:

  • Its field of activity and relevant specifics
  • Target audience needs and consumer portrait
  • Individual (including subjective) wishes

Having received this basic information, we begin to analyze the project and develop the best tools that will work in this particular business:

  • We choose the optimal combination of technological tools;
  • We develop the necessary stylistics, work on the visual communications plan.
  • We look at the technological backround (the company has experience in the field of information technologies, what they are, how they should be used in the project and whether they themselves require modernization).

And only on the basis of the second stage it is possible to create an exact specification, prototype and other necessary materials for development. When they are ready, you can start work. The development itself consists of such stages:

  • Prototype creation
  • Design development (based on the prototype)
  • Software implementation
  • Testing
  • Publication

Since projects may differ greatly, additional stages and components may be added. It can be a complex ecosystem, or a site (site), where less emphasis on the technological part is compensated by a greater emphasis on the visual and so on. However, on average we will always move on the above scheme: the initial data - analysis and formulation of stages of work - the development itself.