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Technical questions

We have a template, we need to create a website based on it. Is it possible?

We do not work with ready-made templates. Our goal is to create beautiful, clear and convenient solutions for business. Including websites and online platforms. We also believe that only an individual approach to each client and his business can lead to a successful result. Unfortunately, the use of ready-made templates for the site does not allow us to create products of this quality. First of all, for two reasons:

  • Template always has very strong limitations. Both visual and structural
  • Templates are of the same type. Even a few seemingly different templates, in fact, differ very little.

The result is that instead of a quick and inexpensive solution, you get a lot of problems. At first, your site will be absolutely the same as millions of other template sites. Even changing the color or font will not help you so much. Second, when filling your site with content (text photos), you'll quickly find that the template doesn't combine well with your photos, and the volumes of texts are poorly embedded into the template blocks (they don't look nice). And at this stage usually comes the stage when the modernization of the finished template is invested more than in the creation of site design from scratch. Because as the content and implementation of the template comes the understanding that the same solution is not suitable, and the desire to make the template individual.

This comes from a conflict of approaches. Subconsciously, we look for individuality in the product. This is especially relevant if we are talking about our own business. That's why using a template leads to an attempt to individualize it. And this is impossible or will require even more effort than doing it from scratch.

Our company develops only individual solutions and creates website design from scratch. As only this will allow to create the best option, taking into account all the requirements of the sphere, and business, and subjective preferences of the client. The result is a high-quality modern website.