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How can we guarantee that the project will be successfully completed?

You will be provided with a contract in which we will indicate not only the terms but also (important!) detailed terms of reference and all other aspects of future development. It is a detailed contract with such applications that guarantees at the same time:

  • Accuracy of future works
  • Minimizes controversial situations 

Details of the Terms of Reference in the Contract allow both Parties to accurately see and fix on paper everything that will be developed. This is the first guarantee of successful completion of the project.

We also use a comprehensive approach both in project development and calculation. The cost and terms are always based on the individual data base of your project. We do not use general figures and approximate estimates. For an accurate assessment, we carry out a preliminary audit of your project. The result will be the collection of all the precise data needed for its further development, detailed terms of reference and possibly additional materials (prototypes, roadmap, etc.). As a result, you get not only an accurate calculation of future works, but also a set of documents necessary for the start.

This comprehensive approach guarantees both the successful completion of the project and the quality of the future product.